Uncle Estevans Popcorn
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Its all in the corn

We use Butterfly style popcorn for our signature Kettle Corn and Mushroom style corn for all the other flavors.

We use the largest butterfly popping corn we can find and the best tasting Mushroom popcorn for our flavored varieties. 

  • Kettle corn is Popped in 100% corn oil

    We use 100% corn oil to give our kettle corn the best flavor it can.

  • our Flavored popcorn is popped in 100% cold pressed,organic, non gmo virgin coconut oil. 

    Coconut oil not only enhances the flavor of our seasonings, it provides all the health benefits of coconut oil.  

Flavors we offer

Kettle COrn is our flagship corn

We offer other flavors that are savory and delicious as well. 
Kettle Corn FlavorsEmployee of the Month

HAve a special event comming up?

We can pop your favorite flavor(s), and customize the label for your event.
Its not just popcorn your sharing, its a cherished moment. 
Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Add the delicious flavor of kettle popped popcorn. A great addition to any family event. 

Baby shower close up

Customize the label 

We can print out anything you want, we love the first amendment. 



When you "popped the question", we'll pop the corn. 

contact us

Want to know what we are selling? where we will be? Request a bunch of bags for a special occasion? 

Were usually at the Taylor Farmers Market, but you never know what might happen. Send us an email.  
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